Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally, something good...

I got the Dell internship! This rocks in so many ways. Not only do I get to quit my superboring job at the health insurance company, I will be getting paid a lot more as well. It does complicate things just a smidge... since I was taking my last class I needed to graduate over the summer, I will have to postpone my graduation until December. Since I am sticking around for grad school anyway, this is not a major deal for me. I should still be able to graduate on time from grad school, and if not, who cares? It's not like I am on a deadline. I am hoping that Dell will hire me after they find out how fabulous I am (haha) and that I really am very interested in tech writing. I'll have to re-learn how to work hard though. No more naps face-down on my computer keyboard, no more checking my email 50 times a day, no more sneaking away early or doing school work instead of work work. I absolutely cannot wait.


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