Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It didn't take me long to get behind on this little experiment. I can't really be behind though; there are no deadlines, and no one is waiting for me to write.
This entire last week was the week.from.hell. A quick synopsis: My sister and I don't get along and my parents blame me, thinking that she is the perfect angel. This is very far from the truth. So, because I was angry, I told my mother some of the shitty things her little angel has done and concealed while being away at college. Although she has had it coming for a long time, I still feel really bad and wish I could take it back, because 1. It hurt my mom, and 2. Because I don't normally believe in ratting out siblings or friends. I was desperate for some fairness. My mom doesn't believe that she favors my sister, but she does. I don't know why- I am infinitely more likeable. I think it is because she thinks Jess needs her more. Mom likes to be needed. (No commentary just now on my dad because he is crazy and I just don't have the time.)
I had an interview with Dell last Wednesday. It is for a PAID internship in their Information Development department, and I would pretty much sell my soul for the chance to intern there. I would actually get to write!! They had 35 applicants, chose 5 to interview (one of which was me), and are choosing one intern. I am cautiously hopeful, as the competition is steep. I should find out by the end of this week.


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